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Welcome to JoyfulBonds!

At JoyfulBonds, we're all about love, connection, and making a difference. With our smart jewelry, you not only stay connected with your loved ones but also support important causes. A portion of each purchase goes towards youth development, ending domestic violence, and creating happier families. Join us on this heartfelt journey and spread love while making an impact.

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Innovative Smart Bracelets for Couples

Im thinking of you

Love tap

Our mission is simple: to deepen your connection through smart jewelry. With a gentle tap on your bracelet, theirs lights up and vibrates, instantly saying, "I'm thinking of you." Even if you're in California and they're in New York, this touch creates an instant bond, reminding you both of your love and longing.

Stay connected, feel the warmth. Keeps your love alive, no matter the miles.

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Connected Sun&Moon Bracelets by Totwoo

App Controlled


Craft a distinct bond, shared intimately. With the totwoo app, personalize your bracelet's flashes and vibrations to your liking. Feel the affectionate touch of your partner on your wrist, always within reach.

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Enhance Your Bond with Sun&Moon Bracelets

Love reminders

Personalized messages

Ignite your love's private sanctuary.
JoyfulBonds X Totwoo collaboration bracelets create an intimate realm for you and your partner. Customize reminders and messages on the App. Touch for surprise messages, accompanied by vibrant lights and gentle vibrations. Chat directly with your loved one. Experience a bond beyond compare.

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Rekindle the flame of romance

Bridge the distance, feel the love. With a touch, the JoyfulBonds X Totwoo long distance touch bracelet brings you closer to your partner, no matter how far apart you are.

  • Works in every time zone.

    Stay connected, no matter the distance or time zone.
    Long Distance Touch Bracelets keep you linked with your partner, always.

  • Unique Experience

    Experience a unique journey of connection, transcending physical boundaries. With each touch, these bracelets create an intimate bond that defies distance. Feel the warmth and presence of your partner, no matter where they are in the world.

  • Designed to be worn all day comfortably

    Comfortable and durable, our bracelets are designed for all-day wear. Made with soft materials, they provide a comfortable fit that lasts. Plus, they are water-resistant, although it's recommended to remove them before showering. Enjoy continuous comfort and style with our versatile bracelets.

Timeless Unity: Beyond Time Zones